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- What color hair does he/she have? What style? Long or short? Straight, wavy, or curly?
brunette, fairly short and messy. Some stubble.
- Eye color? Shape?
grayish blue
- Skin color? Texture?
light and pale
- What type of body? How tall? Weight? Any deformities or unique features?
Average in both height and weight
- Any distinguishing traits, such as tattoos, scars, piercings, beauty marks, birthmarks?
some old scars from failed experiments, one tattoo hidden under right glove
- Usual clothing and style? Casual or flashy? Sloppy or refined? Accessories?
casual - grey cloak, black clothes, dystopian. At home wears as simple clothes as possible.
- Any peculiar way this person stands, walks, speaks, or gestures?
Is reserved and silent, speaks with as few words as possible

- What is your character's general outlook or attitude toward life?
Very passive, a bit of 'live and let live'
- What makes your character happy? sad? angry? fearful? determined?
Nothing really, he's very unemotional. Gets sad when dogs get hurt.

- How does he/she react toward others?
Annoyed, would rather be with his books and spells

- How does your character view him/herself?
No special way

- What does your character value and believe in?
Knowledge and solitude above all else

- What motivates your character? Why does he/she do the things they do?
Money and self-improvement

- What types of behavior and habits are typical of your character?
Shutting himself out of the world for days if not for weeks just to learn

- How might other people or characters view him/her?
Madman/oddball/lone wolf/cold

Likes/ dislikes:
- Hobbies, pastimes, activities? Books. Food. Occasional dancing/singing
- Interests? Books.
- Ideas and beliefs? Unreligious, faith in himself. Not a fan of fanatics
- Places? Likes cozy areas where it's easy to relax. Dislikes big parties and groups.
- Objects? Books. Pocket watch. Money.
- Types of behavior in others? Likes it when other people are interesting and genuinely interested in him but
 being able to give him space

Strengths/ weaknesses:
- Physical: Strength, endurance, stamina, skills, dexterity, health, etc.
Relatively strong but low stamina, generally uncharismatic. Has strong immune system.

- Mental: Cleverness, knowledge, creativity, technical, communication, etc.
Clever, smart and wise, bad with people.

- Emotional: Endurance, stability, empathy, etc.
Emotionally stable/'boring', unempathetic but can't help being kind to others

- Spiritual: Faith, hope, valor, energy, etc.

- Magical (if applicable)
Fairly strong magical powers, changes his facial appearance occasionally

- Where and when was your character born?
In a remote town

- What type of family was your character born into? Were they strict or lenient? Rich or poor? Sound or dysfunctional? Hard-working or laid-back? Religious?
Kind and close but less than understanding of his abilities. Too much affection.

- What type of environment did your character grow up in? What was the culture or the customs like? Was there anything significant happening at the time, such as a war, celebration, revolution, etc.?
Too friendly and affectionate. Everyone kept to themselves and minded their own business. Unaccepting of wizards, though

- How did/does your character get along with his or her family, friends, enemies, and other associates? How did they influence your character?
Well, kind of. No enemies, few friends. They let him keep by himself but their kindness made him more kind than what he wanted to be

- What sorts of life-changing events contributed to the way your character is now?
Leaving home in the age of 20, wanting to learn more about magic

- What kinds of admiral deeds has your character done? Or dishonorable deeds or crimes?
None, except for magically created counterfeit coins to buy books, food and medicine

- What types of skills or knowledge has your character picked up?
As much about magic, history and mythology as possible

- What is your character's occupation or role? How did they end up there?
A hermit, after years in solitude.

- What is your character focused on accomplishing now? Why?
The ultimate power and knowledge
Today, a friend of mine tried to pander me with a guy six years older than I am.
He has done that kind of things before. But I am grateful, after all.
Those haven't gone well, not at all. Every guy of my age is all over their rut.

I consider myself asexual. I have never been interested in intimate relationships. That's what the problem is about. As soon as they hear I don't want to play in bed with them they lose any interest they had before. I do want to get married. I do want to have children. I just don't want to sleep with anyone. I would have a fake marriage. I would let them cheat on me, sleep with other women. I could pay half of the rent and do the household chores. I could comfort them if they felt sad. But no, they want to sleep with me.

I'm a girl, 17 of age, looks below average and personality the worst type of one. I'm a shy and moral nerd who has never done anything stupid or reckless. No alcohol. No tobacco nor drugs. I can do the household chores and obey, cook and play video games. I'm very kind and open-minded towards others. My parents are not very conservative, more friendly and kind. I want to meet new people and fall in love. But it's the sex I'm not interested in. And that's the very problem in my social life.


Inka Halme

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